If you are writing documentation with Markdown, it can be useful to generate HTML from the Markdown source for use in viewing on the web. Though there are some really great Markdown to HTML applications out there, TKE provides a built-in method for converting your Markdown into HTML via the File/Export… menu option.

If your document is in Markdown format and you select this option, TKE will display a save dialog window where you can specify the directory and name of the generated HTML file. Clicking on the ‘Save’ button within the window will create the associated HTML file.

Want to go even further with your export prowess? TKE also allows you to embed TKE snippet syntax into a document. Using the File/Export… option and selecting a save file will cause TKE to expand all embedded snippets in the document and output the resulting file. What’s even cooler is that the file doesn’t have to be in Markdown format for snippet export expansion to occur, you can place snippet text in any type of file.

To embed a snippet, simply surround normal snippet text in your file with the following syntax:


Snippet expansion is a super cool feature that you don’t find in most editors. Think of the possibilities. You could embed date-producing snippet text in your document and export the document to automatically include the date when the file was last generated. You could embed some file-related snippet text to cause the exported filename to be included in the file.

The possibilities are really endless.

To see more information and download your copy of the TKE code editor, visit http://tke.sourceforge.net