The current_line Plugin

Perhaps its just a case of aging eyes, but sometimes I find myself searching for the current line that the cursor is on. I could adjust my theme’s cursor color to change it to make it easier to find; however, there is a plugin called the “current_line” plugin which highlights the entire line that the insertion cursor is currently on.

To install the plugin, click on the “Plugin” menu in the main menu and select the “Install…” menu option. In the resulting plugin preview window either type a portion of the name “current_line” or use the up/down arrows to find and select the plugin and hit the RETURN key. At the bottom of the TKE main window, a message indicating that the current_plugin is now installed will be displayed.


From that point on, all editing buffers will highlight the current line. What’s nice is that if you change the theme, the current line plugin will continue to work, adjusting the current line to go nicely with the theme’s background color.

To see more information and download your copy of the TKE code editor, visit

The current_line Plugin

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