Gimme Some Ipsum

Sometimes you are working on some code that includes layout work and you just want to insert some dummy text into the mix so you can see how things look.  That’s a job for Ipsum Lorem, a text generator that creates filler text so you don’t have to.  And for those times, TKE has your back through two different mechanisms: the lorem plugin and Emmet.

The lorem Plugin

The lorem plugin, when installed, adds a new menu item to the Plugins menu called Ipsum Lorem which displays a menu with four options:

  1. Insert 1 Paragraph
  2. Insert 2 Paragraphs
  3. Insert 3 Paragraphs
  4. Insert Custom Paragraphs

Selecting one of the first three options will insert the specified number of Ipsum Lorem paragraphs into your document, starting a the current insertion cursor.  If the “Insert Custom Paragraphs” option is selected, TKE will prompt you at the bottom of the main window for the number of paragraphs to generate.  Simply enter a number and hit the RETURN key to insert the specified number of paragraphs into your document.  An added bonus is that TKE will remember the paragraph count (as long as the application remains open) and add this option to the Ipsum Lorem menu list.


If you are an Emmet user, TKE has your back there too.  Simply use the Emmet syntax “lorem” (or “lipsum”) followed by a number and hit the Control-E option (this will expand and replace Emmet snippet text.  This will delete the Emmet abbreviation and replace it with the given number of words of Ipsum Lorem text.  For example, to insert 35 words of text, simply enter “lorem35” and hit the Control-E key combo.  If the number is not specified after the “lorem” keyword, TKE will insert 30 words of text.

To see more information and download your copy of the TKE code editor, visit

Gimme Some Ipsum