Quick Open Sidebar Files

Quick tip regarding how to quickly open any file that is shown in the sidebar using the command launcher.  Of course, you can always open a sidebar file by double-clicking the file name or by selecting the file name, displaying the contextual menu with a right-click and selecting the “Open” option.  The downside to using both of these options is that they both require scanning the sidebar and using the mouse.

Not bad but power users can do better, right?

How It Works

Using the command launcher (invoked with Control-Space), enter the ‘>’ character. This will display all shown files in the sidebar in the command launcher results. To drill down to the correct name, simply enter a portion of the filename and select the file to open it.

Keep in mind that for this feature to work properly, you must have the file’s directory in an undisclosed state in the sidebar.

Fast, mouse-less and super convenient. No go and commit it to muscle memory!

To see more information and download your copy of the TKE code editor, visit http://tke.sourceforge.net

Quick Open Sidebar Files