Changing Font Sizes

Font size is a funny thing.  What looks good and works well for one person may not for another.  For this reason, TKE allows the user to permanently or temporarily increase or decrease the font size for the following UI elements:

  • Editing buffer
  • Sidebar
  • Command launcher entry field
  • Command launcher preview display

Temporarily Changing Font Sizes

Perhaps you are having an issue with font size that you don’t want to permanently change.  You can increase the font size by clicking in the UI element that you want to change and using Control + (plus).  Inversely, you can decrease the font size by using Control (minus).  If you are adjusting the font size of the sidebar, those sizes will be reverted to their normal size when the application is exited and restarted.  If you are adjusting the font size of an editing buffer, the font size will only be placed on the current tab (other editing buffers in other tabs will be unchanged) and will remain until the tab is closed.  Changing the size of the command launcher preview area will only take effect while the command launcher is visible.

Permanently Changing Font Sizes

Permanently changing the font size for most of the above elements is accomplished through preferences.  Select the "Edit / Preferences / Edit User Global" menu option and change the numeric values of the following preference variables:

  • Appearance/EditorFontSize

Changes the font size of all editing buffers

  • Appearance/CommandLauncherEntryFontSize

Changes the font size of the command launcher entry field

  • Appearance/CommandLauncherPreviewFontSize

Changes the font size of the command launcher preview pane

Saving the preference file will cause all fonts to be updated to their revised values.

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Changing Font Sizes