Drag and Drop Support

If you are a fan of dragging and dropping directories, files or even text as a part of your workflows, this tip is for you. On Mac OS X and Windows (and Linux if you have the tkdnd package installed properly), you can drop files and directories in the sidebar area and drop files or text in the editing area. Here’s the lowdown on both.


You can quickly directories to the sidebar by dragging one or more directories from the filesystem to the sidebar area. If the directories can be opened in the  sidebar, the sidebar’s border will turn green. Dropping those directories will add them to the sidebar. You can do the same for files as well. Dropping one or more files will add their directories to the sidebar and will immediately open the file(s) for editing.

Editing Buffer

You can drop one or more files or text selections to the editing pane to insert the contents of both at the specified input position. Dropping a file will insert the entire contents of the file into the editing buffer while dropping text will insert the dragged text selection only.

Drag and drop support in TKE provides an intuitive way to get information into TKE without having to navigate open panels and the like. Just one of those features that makes life better.

To see more information and download your copy of the TKE code editor, visit http://tke.sourceforge.net

Drag and Drop Support