Sidebar Multi-File Selection

A quick tip regarding the sidebar. Even though TKE comes equipped with loads of functionality in the sidebar, sometimes its even more useful to do the same operations on more than one file at a time. Well, the good news is that TKE has your back here too because it supports multi-file selections in the sidebar. You select them in the same manner as you would perform a multi-selection in a list in your OS, allowing you to quickly choose several contiguous and/or non-contiguous files. Once the selection has been made, right-click (or option click on Mac OS X) to display the menu for the selected group of files. Some menu items will be greyed out but all other functions will be available.


One caveat to using multiple selections is knowing that there are essentially three types of items in the sidebar:

  1. Root Directories
    • Unlike the Unix root directory (i.e., ‘/’), a sidebar root directory is any directory that doesn’t have a parent directory in view.
    • There can be more than one root directory in the sidebar
  2. Non-root Directories
    • Any directory that has a parent directory listed in the sidebar
  3. Files

Each sidebar item type has its own sidebar menu with its own unique set of functionality. As a result, it is not valid to select multiple items that are not of the same type. The upside is that you can select items of the same type regardless of location in the filesystem.

If knowledge is power, then I declare you supreme leader of the TKE sidebar. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility!

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Sidebar Multi-File Selection