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A quick tip for you this week.  Many times when testing and debugging code, it can be useful to comment out a line or blocks of code.  TKE provides a quick way to comment out those lines using the appropriate line comment syntax for the current language.  Simply select the lines to comment and use the “Text / Toggle Comment” menu command (or Control-i) to automatically prefix each line with the comment syntax.  To uncomment a block of commented text, select it and use the same command.

TKE even takes comment toggling further.  Without any text selected, using the same toggle command will comment/uncomment the current line.  If the current line is commented by a multi-line comment (i.e., the C++ /* … */ syntax), using the toggle comment command will uncomment the entire commented block of text.

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Toggle Comment

The Command Launcher (Part 3)

In this week’s look at the command launcher, we will focus on two functions that display a specialized version of the command launcher:

  1. Insert from clipboard history
  2. Insert snippet

Instead of the typical two panel display where the top panel is the search input field and the lower panel is the search results list, the new view displays a third panel to the right of the results list and below the input field.  The information displayed in this new panel is the full, formatted text associated with the currently selected search result.  Changing the selection in the list will immediately display the associated text in this panel.

You can adjust the size of the font used in the detail panel by modifying the "Appearance/CommandLauncherPreviewFontSize" value.

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The Command Launcher (Part 3)