Clipboard History

If you have ever dealt with the tedium ad nauseum of repeatedly copying a bit of text from one file and pasting it into another file, then you will appreciate the clipboard history manager built into TKE.  This feature allows you to individually copy several times (without performing a paste operation between each copy) and then paste those bits of copied text into a document in an order of your choosing.  A great way to be more efficient in your coding and keep you focused on your work instead of focused on your workflow.

Populating Clipboard History

To use clipboard history, simply select text in any TKE editing buffer and hit the Control-C keyboard shortcut (for copying selected text).  You can perform this select-then-copy operation up to 10 times by default (though you can increase this limit by changing the value of your Tools/ClipboardHistoryDepth preference item).

Pasting from Clipboard History

Once you have copied the various bits of text that you need to paste, switch to the editing buffer to paste into, place the cursor at the paste position, and invoke the clipboard history viewer by either:

  • Selecting the "Edit / Insert Text / From Clipboard" menu option
  • Invoking the command launcher and entering "clip" followed by the Enter key when the clipboard history option is selected.
  • Create a menu binding to the above menu and create a shortcut combination for this action

Once the command has been invoked, the following floating window will be displayed containing the current items available in the clipboard history manager.  On the left side of the window is a list of items (one line per copied text) while the right side is a full representation of the clipped text.  Use the up/down arrows to change the currently selected clip or enter a string which will filter the items to only those matching the given text string.

To paste a selected item in the clipboard history manager to the current editing buffer, hit the ENTER key (or left-click the item in the buffer).

That’s all it takes to make multiple copy and paste operations a cinch to pull off in TKE.  It’s another one of the features that will make you a power user in no time.

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Clipboard History