File Locking and Read-Only Mode

Have you ever viewed the contents of a file that you had no intention of modifying and then accidentally changed and saved?  It can happen to anyone, especially when editing a large number of files.  TKE has an elegant way to avoid having this happen to you with a feature called file locking.

Locking a file causes the associated edit buffer to switch to read-only mode.  You can still select, copy text and search within the file; however, it is impossible to modify the contents of the buffer.  Let’s take a quick look to see how to lock (and unlock) a file within TKE.

Locking a File

You can lock a file via the UI in two different ways:

  • Click on the tab in the tab bar containing the file to lock and then click on the "File / Lock" menu option.

  • Right click on the tab in the tab bar to display the contextual menu for the tab and select the "Locked" menu option.

Once the file is locked a lock icon will be displayed on the left side of the tab to indicate its status.

Unlocking a File

To unlock a file, perform the same procedure used for locking a file except that the "File / Unlock" menu option should be used.  Once the file is unlocked, the lock icon will be removed from the tab to indicate the file can continue to be edited.

Read-Only Files

In a few special cases like viewing the application user license and viewing the base preferences file, TKE will open the file in "read-only" viewing mode.  The lock icon will be displayed in the tab in the same manner as a locked file; however, you will not be able to change the lock status of read-only files (their menu options will be greyed out to indicate that they are not available with the current file).

Note that files with a read-only permission value are not automatically locked by TKE when they are opened.  Users can make changes to the edit buffer of a read-only file.  When the file is attempted to be saved, TKE will display an error message specifying that the save was not possible due to permission issues.

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File Locking and Read-Only Mode