Stable vs. Development Releases

If you are Linux or Max OS X user using version 1.4 or later, you now have the option of upgrading TKE to the latest version via the new “Check for Update” menu option in the Help menu. By default, whenever a new stable version of TKE is released, using “Check for Updates” will communicate that a new version is available. However, if you like to try the latest features and live on the “wild side”, you also have the option of updating the latest available development version of the tool.

To switch to the development release schedule, open your user preferences via the Edit / Preferences / Edit user option. In the resulting file, find the General/UpdateReleaseType option setting and change the associated value from “stable” to “devel”, save the file and then close the file. Once this has been accomplished, using the “Check for Update” menu option will now suggest the latest development release.

You can always switch back to stable releases at any time by changing the preference option back to the string “stable” and clicking on “Check for Update”.

Development releases are more prone to bugs than stable releases are. If you want to log a bug against a development release, please specify which development release you are using in the bug report.

Stable vs. Development Releases